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Dried Fruits & Nuts

Our product list here includes a wide variety of Nuts, Dried Fruits & Seeds from all around the world.

Products are packed in different sizes, depending on the type of product and on customer’s wish. We can also pack in paper or Jute Hessian cloth bags or vacuum seal them in PP bags (in this case the shelf life of the goods is extended by 3 months).



Please just remember the list is for our fast moving products, if you don't see here what you are looking for, just contact us with your inquiry, the chances are high that we either have it in our store or can produce it fresh for you in no time!

Information about the prices of individual products is available by calling the numbers contained in the Contacts section. We can send a price list for selected products upon request – we recommend stating approximate amounts and frequency of delivery on inquiries. Based on this information we can present you with a bespoke offer.


Includes best quality Almond, highest grade of Pistachio and our Jumbo Cashew Nuts.

Almond Roasted/Salted
Turkish Pistachio Roasted/Salted
Blanched Peanut Roasted/Salted
Blanched Sliced Almonds
Blanched Slivered Almonds
Blanched Split Almonds
Brazilian Nuts Medium
California Pistachio Roasted/Salted
Cashew Pieces
Chili Lemon Pistachio
Chinese Peanut Kernels
Coconut Chips
Coconut Macaroon
Corn Nuts Roasted/Salted
Crunchy Chickpeas
Diced Walnuts
Dried Roasted Almonds
Dry Roasted/Salted Peanuts
Erzroum Pistachio Packed
Honey Pecan Halves
Honey Walnuts Halves
Hot Barbeque Almonds
Jumbo Cashew Roasted Only
Jumbo Cashew Roasted/Salted
Jumbo Hazelnut Raw
Jumbo Hazelnuts Roasted/Salted
Jumbo Pistachio Roasted
Jumbo Pistachio Roasted/Salted
Jumbo Raw Cashew
Jumbo Roasted Hazelnuts
Lemon Pistachio
Natural Sliced Almonds
Peanuts Sesame Roasted/Salted
Pecan Halves
Portuguese Peanut Kernels
Raw Almonds
Red Skin Peanuts Roasted/Salted
Roasted Peanuts Sudani
Siirt Turkish Pistachio Roasted/Salted
Split Pistachio Kernels
Walnut Half and Pieces
Walnut Light Halves
White Chickpeas
Whole Blanched Almonds
Whole Pistachio Kernels
Yellow Chickpeas Roasted/Salted
Yellow Roasted Chickpeas

Almond Roasted

Jumbo Pistachio Raw



Golden Raisins

Black Midget Raisins


Includes high quality Figs, variety of finest Raisins and other Dried Fruits.

Banana Chips
Black Midget Raisins
Black Sour Cherries
Current Raisins
Dehydrated Angelino Plums
Dehydrated California Apricots
Dehydrated Guava Slices
Dehydrated Jumbo Fancy Peaches
Dehydrated Jumbo Fancy Pears
Dehydrated Mango Slices
Dehydrated Papaya Chunks
Dehydrated Papaya Diced
Dehydrated Papaya Spears
Dehydrated Pineapple Chunks
Dehydrated Pineapple Core Slices
Dehydrated Pineapple Diced
Dehydrated Pineapple Mango Flavored
Dehydrated Pineapple Ring
Dehydrated Strawberries
Dehydrated Tomatoes
Dehydrated Turkish Apricots
Dehydrated Whole Mini Banana
Dried Turkish Figs in Basket
Dry Apple Rings
Dry Cranberries
Golden Raisins Large
Jumbo Golden Raisins
Jumbo Medjool Dates
Jumbo Thompson Black Raisins
Lerida Dried Turkish Figs
Natural Sliced Mango
Natural Sliced Pineapple Ring
Pitted Prunes
Sun Dried Tomatoes
Turkish Dried Mulberries
Turkish Yellow Sour Prunes


Includes highest grade of Sunflower, best quality Sesame Seeds and our Jumbo Red Melon.

Jumbo Black Melon Roasted/Salted
Jumbo Fancy Melon Roasted/Salted
Jumbo Sunflower
Jumbo Oregon Squash Heavy/Salted
Jumbo Oregon Squash Lightly/Salted
Jumbo Red Melon Roasted/Salted
Jumbo Red Melon w/Gulpar
Jumbo Russian Sunflower
Lady Nails Pumpkin
Pumpkin Kernels Roasted/Salted
Raw Sunflower
Raw Jumbo Oregon Squash
Raw Pumpkin Kernels
Raw Sunflower Kernels
Small Melon Roasted/Salted
Small Red Melon Roasted/Salted
Sunflower in Shell Roasted/Salted
Sunflower Kernels Roasted Only
Sunflower Kernels Roasted/Salted
Super Melon Roasted/Salted
White Sesame Seeds